A Socialist Response to the Prison System

Because Ferguson.
Because Eric Garner.
Because Broken Windows.
Because Stop and Frisk.
Because Rikers.
Because surveillance of communities and radical movements destroys them.
Because prisons produce private profit and warehouse surplus people.
Because there are more black men in prison today than were enslaved in 1850.


Are you committed to fighting capitalism and racism right here in NYC? Come get an intensive overview of the mass incarceration system and the latest political developments – in city hall and in the movement – and how we can build progressive people power in our city.

Robert Gangi - Police Reform Organizing Project
Gabriel Kilpatrick - NYC Democratic Socialists of America
How can you be a socialist ally for those targeted for police harassment on the street, particularly in low income communities of color, when you see it happening? How can you protect yourself and exercise your own rights when they come after you?
Bina Ahmad - National Lawyers Guild
Djibril Toure - Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
Judson Memorial Church is at 55 Washington Square South in Manhattan, but enter at 239 Thompson. Subway: N/R to 8th St, A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th.

Lunch provided, children welcome.

What's going on with the policing and prison system?
What’s going on with the police union, Mayor De Blasio and the right-wing in NYC?
What is a socialist response?
What are your rights?
How can you help?
Gangi served as Executive Director of the Correctional Association of New York for over 29 years and founded the Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) in the spring of 2011. Gangi has been an activist, community organizer and public policy advocate in New York City for nearly 50 years. Also, he is a recognized expert on criminal justice and law enforcement issues with a particular focus on police and prison concerns.
Kilpatrick is a student at the City College of New York, where he founded a chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists, the student wing of DSA. He is also one of the two DSA representatives to the Resist Rikers coalition.
Ahmad is a social justice activist, human rights and animal rights attorney. Bina was a Legal Consultant to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) New York City Chapter working on Occupy Wall Street criminal and civil cases, and is National Vice President to the NLG's National Chapter. She has lived and worked in Palestine with Al-Haq (the oldest Palestinian human rights NGO), and also worked with PETA, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Human Rights Watch. Currently, she is a public defender with the Legal Aid Society in Staten Island, New York.
Toure is a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and co-coordinator of the Peoples Self Defense Campaign, which seeks to address issues of police misconduct/abuse in central Brooklyn. His work has included conducting know your rights workshops/activities for the larger NYC community as well as organizing Copwatch, which is a volunteer based program aimed at observing & reducing illegal stop & frisk activity. Djibril was also one of the plaintiff’s in the Daniels v the City of New York which addressed the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk and racial profiling.
January 31, 2015 at 12pm - 4:30pm
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Sq S
New York, NY 10012
United States
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