Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is the group that manages DSA's presence on social media, aimed at both members and the broader public. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo. Our work involves:

  • regularly and frequently posting content;
  • moderating comments on the Facebook page;
  • responding to direct messages on social media accounts;
  • developing guides for local chapters to do their own social media work; and
  • working with other committees to guide DSA's messaging in graphics and video content


We need people with good knowledge of socialist theory and practice, people with writing and editing skills, people with skills in messaging and rhetoric, and people with experience with managing a successful social media presence. If any or all of those things describes you, then help us out!


New Member Call, May 27

May 27, 2018

May 27, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

This event is at capacity. Please check back in June for the next New Member Call. 

You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M
This event is at capacity.