National Announcements

February Updates

  • Incorporation Kits & Calls - Check out the new chapter incorporation kits to support your chapter to incorporate as a legal entity in your state

  • Medicare for All - Are you doing M4A work? Have you signed up for the campaign? You can sign up now and order a campaign kit at When you have M4A events, you can use the #DSAM4A to bring some national attention to your event!

  • DSLC - The Democratic Socialist Labor Commission has elected our steering committee. We're planning a national labor stakeholders call in March, and we're also planning for DSA's presence at the Labor Notes conference in Chicago, April 6-8. If you are a labor activist, get in touch with your chapter leaders for details about how to join the national labor listserv. 

  • National Electoral Committee - Now that the NPC has officially passed a national electoral strategy, the interim NEC & co-chairs have formed, trainings are coming soon, the NEC website is live and DSA national endorsement applications are open. You can read the national strategy and sign up to volunteer at

  • Fundraising & Dues Committee - The 2018 Dues Drive is about to kick off in earnest! Renew your dues today at 

  • Democratic Left magazine - Look for the Spring Special Issue on Medicare for All, coming to you in March.

  • National Design Committee - Alongside design support for national events, such as the YDSA winter conference, the National Design Committee has been working to centralize design material from all chapters into a single repository.

  • Queer Socialists WG - The QSWG is in open nominations for leadership, with nominations closing at the elections meeting on February 28 (9PM EST), and an election in the first week in March. Contact the working group leaders for more information.

  • Socialist Feminist WG - Want to smash economic barriers to abortion access? Be a part of DSA'S April Bowl-a-thon for Abortion Access. You can find more information at: Reach us via Twitter here:

  • Climate & Environmental Justice WG - We just concluded our first Steering Committee election. Ten excellent comrades are now on the Steering Committee and we're very excited about the working group moving forward!

  • Legal WG - Legal working group is a group of legal professionals who help chapters with their legal needs including incorporation, intellectual property, accessibility, and free speech issues to name only a few!


January Updates

  • YDSA Conference - We're in the home stretch of organizing our annual Young Democratic Socialists of America national outreach conference! We expect 300 students from all regions of the country (maybe more - already 80 are registered.) Please publicize the conference online, circulate the scholarship donation link, and make sure YDSA chapters in your area know about it!

    If you can volunteer in advance, or if you live in the Metro Washington D.C. area and can volunteer the weekend of the conference, February 16 -18, please reach out to Lawrence Dreyfuss on staff at with "YDSA conf volunteer" in subject line.

    Details at:
  • Security - The more effective we become, the more we become a target. A new resource was just launched that has pictures of all known undercover associates of James O'Keefe's right-wing Project Veritas - called Project Veritas Exposed. Check it out at

  • DSA Swag - DSA Swag store is revamping and has a survey to discover the type of swag members want - please share!

  • National Electoral Committee - Applications for national endorsements will open the first week of February. if your chapter has a candidate that wants to seek a national endorsement too, please email

  • Medicare 4 All - Boxes with t-shirts and other goodies will go on sale soon! Watch the website for updates:

  • Anti-Racism WG - We are working with United We Dream for a Clean Dream Act.

  • Disability WG - The Disability Working Group has begun work on an accessibility guide and elected a new steering committee member.

  • Legal WG - We are assisting with the incorporation kit and process as well as answering legal questions submitted by chapter leadership.

  • Democratic Left - we are having an editorial group conference call on Thursday, Jan. 18 to reboot the website.

  •  DL Blog - The DL Blog Committee needs submissions for Black History Month. Thanks!

2018 Dues Renewal Drive! 

  • Renewal Kit - The national Fundraising Committee is wrapping up the first round of materials for the dues renewal drive and should have a dues renewal kit out to chapter leaders by the next round of stakeholders calls! In the kit, we’ll have guides for having one-on-one conversations with members about their dues, sample phone-banking scripts, sample calls to actions for big meetings, draft button designs, and more to help your chapter with renewal work.


Talking About Socialism Webinar

March 25, 2018

This training is at 7:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm CT, 5:00 pm MT, 4:00 pm PT

Click here to RSVP

Join Steve Max, a founder of the legendary community organizing school, the Midwest Academy, to practice talking about socialism in plain language. Create your own short rap. Use your personal experience and story to explain democratic socialism. Prepare for those conversations about socialism that happen when you table or canvass. This workshop is for those who have already had an introduction to democratic socialism, whether from DSA's webinar or from other sources. Questions? Contact Theresa Alt <> 607-280-7649.

Click here to RSVP