Leadership Positions & Opportunities



Democratic Socialists of America is proudly grassroots funded and member-run. Our members play a critical role in the leadership and growth of our organization by participating in elected and skill-based or interest-based volunteer positions.
National Political Committee, 2017-2019 |     npc(at)dsausa.org
DSA's primary political leadership is the National Political Committee (NPC), a 16-person body which functions as the board of directors of DSA and is elected every two years by the delegates to DSA's National Convention. The NPC elects five of its members to serve on the Steering Committee (SC)

The YDSA Co-Chairs also serve the NPC and SC, but are elected by YDSA members. One NPC spot is remains empty because of a resignation. 

Learn more about the duties of the NPC. The YDSA Co-Chairs share one vote. 

Ravi Ahmad, New York City
Theresa Alt (Secretary-Treasurer), Ithaca
Dele Balogun, Chicago
Christian Bowe, Central New Jersey
Allie Cohn, Knoxville
Zac Echola, Red River Valley
Jeremy Gong, East Bay
Catherine Hoffman, Detroit
Elizabeth Mahony, New York City
Chris Maisano, New York City
Natalie Midiri, Philadelphia
Christine Riddiough, Washington, DC
Joseph Schwartz, Philadelphia
R.L. Stephens, Houston
Ajmal Alami, YDSA Co-Chair
Michelle Fisher, YDSA Co-Chair

 NPC Steering Committee members are listed below  |   sc(at)dsausa.org

Zac Echola
Jeremy Gong
Natalie Midiri
Chris Riddiough
Joseph Schwartz (chair) 
Ajmal Alami
Michelle Fisher

The following staff serve as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee: Maria Svart, Ryan Mosgrove, and Hannah Allison.

Democratic Left Magazine   |   dlmagazine(at)dsausa.org
Maxine Phillips, Editor
Democratic Left Blog Editorial Committee (#DemocraticLeftDSA)   |  dlblog(at)dsausa.org
Duane Campbell, Editor
Simone Morgen, Editor
Barbara Joye, Editor
Jack Suria Linares, Editor
Mark Alper, Editor
Peg Strobel, Advisory
Herb Shore, Production
Talking Union Blog Editorial Committee   |    talkingunion(at)dsausa.org
Duane Campbell
Paul Garver
The Activist Blog (#TheActivistYDS)   |   yds(at)dsausa.org
Visual Design   |   visualdesign(at)dsausa.org
Dustin Guastella, Visual Design Coordinator
Andy Pressman
Social Media
Catherine Hoffman
Brandon Rey Ramirez
DSA Staff
Maria Svart, National Director  
Sasha Hammad, Operations Director part time
Eileen Casterline, Database Coordinator   
Fatou Camara, Financial Manager part time  
Claudia Cahill, Grassroots Fundraising and Member Engagement Coordinator 
Lisa Flores, Administrative and Office Coordinator  
Lawrence Dreyfuss, Program Associate
Ryan Mosgrove, Campus Organizer [on temporary leave]
Anna Bonomo, Campus Organizer temporary
Hannah Allison, National Traveling Organizer  




Interested in a leadership position? In addition to looking for local chapter founders, we are always looking for members to get more involved in DSA. Click here to read more about ways to become more active and contact us about your interests.

All DSA leaders are members of the organization. Not yet a member? Join today!



New Member Orientation Call

February 25, 2018

You've joined DSA - Great. Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision.  And, most importantly, how you can become involved. 

Sunday February 25th

9 PM ET; 8 PM CT; 7 PM MT; 6 PM PT.

Click here to RSVP

Webinar on Compliance and Endorsement Process

February 28, 2018

Click here to RSVP

The National Electoral Committee is sponsoring the first of a series of webinars on electoral organizing. This session will focus on compliance issues and chapter endorsement processes.

This call in on Feb 28th at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT

Click here to RSVP

Talking About Socialism Webinar

March 06, 2018

Click here to RSVP.

Join Steve Max, a founder of the legendary community organizing school, the Midwest Academy, to practice talking about socialism in plain language. Create your own short rap. Use your personal experience and story to explain democratic socialism. Prepare for those conversations about socialism that happen when you table or canvass. This workshop is for those who have already had an introduction to democratic socialism, whether from DSA's webinar or from other sources. Questions? Contact Theresa Alt <talt@igc.org607-280-7649.

This training is at 8:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm Central, 6:00pm Mountain, 5:00pm Pacific, 4:00pm Alaska, and 3:00pm Hawaii Time.

Click here to RSVP.