In Solidarity With Those Arrested In Ferguson

The National Political Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with our Honorary Co-Chair Dr. Cornel West, Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and the other activists arrested in Ferguson, MO on Aug. 10 demanding justice for Michael Brown. We urge that the charges against them be dismissed; that all police who murder African Americans be charged and tried for their crimes; that police throughout the United States protect, not assault, black youth and black communities; and that structural racism be dismantled in all its aspects. DSA continues to participate actively in #BlackLivesMatter and stands in solidarity with all those fighting for social and racial justice in the United States and around the globe.

August 13, 2015

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commented 2016-07-21 06:21:06 -0400 · Flag
those who does a crime should definitely be punished. Thousand criminals punished means also no innocent victim should be punished. This was the rule that i am hearing right from my childhood.
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That’s an interesting point of view. Yes all those who have assaulted black people should be arrested and they should reconsider their way of thinking. BUT sometimes it’s not always how it looks and some people (be it white black latino asian) do need some correction. Check this for more more of my thoughts

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