If so many people misunderstand socialism, why continue to use the word?


First, we call ourselves socialists because we are proud of what we are. Second, no matter what we call ourselves, conservatives will use it against us. Anti-socialism has been repeatedly used to attack reforms that shift power to working class people and away from corporate capital. In 1993, national health insurance was attacked as “socialized medicine” and defeated. Liberals are routinely denounced as socialists in order to discredit reform. Until we face, and beat, the stigma attached to the “S word,” politics in America will continue to be stifled and our options limited. We also call ourselves socialists because we are proud of the traditions upon which we are based, of the heritage of the Socialist Party of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas, and of other struggles for change that have made America more democratic and just. Finally, we call ourselves socialists to remind everyone that we have a vision of a better world. 

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Great share. Some individuals and families escaped poverty faster than others, creating income inequality and other social concerns.
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You are shared an excellent post of socialism. Everyone is proud of the traditions which we are based upon. So all of us are socialists
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Yet the idea and the ideal of socialism linger on. Whether socialism in some form will eventually return as a major organizing force in human affairs is unknown, but no one can accurately appraise its prospects who has not taken into account the dramatic story of its rise and fall.

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“Due to peoples greed”, well then we may as well just nuke ourselves and call it a day. If we have no hope and a plan then we don’t deserve to live better. Our children deserve better though. We owe it to them to make up best we can for our indiscretions as americans in the past. We can at least pave the way for a better tomorrow, today. Or we can collapse into a fallout and force our children to rebuild from our disasters.
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Only the most left wing democrat would call themselves a socialist. Socialism is a great idea but cannot but successfully implemented due to peoples greed, just look at today’s unions, they are corrupt to the core.

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