Hasn't socialism been discredited by the collapse of Communism in the USSR and Eastern Europe?


Socialists have been among the harshest critics of authoritarian Communist states. Just because their bureaucratic elites called them “socialist” did not make it so; they also called their regimes “democratic.” Democratic socialists always opposed the ruling party-states of those societies, just as we oppose the ruling classes of capitalist societies. We applaud the democratic revolutions that have transformed the former Communist bloc. However, the improvement of people’s lives requires real democracy without ethnic rivalries and/or new forms of authoritarianism. Democratic socialists will continue to play a key role in that struggle throughout the world.

Moreover, the fall of Communism should not blind us to injustices at home. We cannot allow all radicalism to be dismissed as “Communist.” That suppression of dissent and diversity undermines America’s ability to live up to its promise of equality of opportunity, not to mention the freedoms of speech and assembly. 

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Mark Allen, I find it odd that you think we need a more economically equitable society but don’t believe that we should be socially equitable as well. That’s definitely an odd combination. Probably why there isn’t a party that suits you, is my guess.
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What about the economic collapse of Venezuela? I notice Venezuela is no longer held up by socialists as the great white hope where socialism is actually working. I mean, the destruction of the economy and the poverty and crime the people now live in is proof that socialism succeeded there but we never hear you guys bragging about it anymore? It’s like you guys need a cult leader, like that dead potato-headed guy who started Venezuela on its path to collapse…What was his name? Hugo Chavez! Why aren’t you intellectual midgets celebrating your Socialist Strongman any longer?
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This is a total contradiction there ia no such thing as democratic socialism. Socialism falls after the collapse of capitalism and then soon after the realization of communism. Thats what marx him self said and its the truth.Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Switch the word community and ad government because thats who would be doing the regulating. The US population is over 300 million socialism or democratic socialism is a pipe dream that will fail in the US. Now it will work in small numbers when you can flush out any corruption but try doing that in the US and the outcome will be government elites running a rigged game of insane taxes.
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very interesting stuff
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I do have a question, how is it that if we do achieve socialism, how will we know that a power hungry man/woman or group of people, won’t take all the power for themselves with what happened in the USSR
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Sorry, meant to say “I canNOT…support either…”. You need an edit button. ;-)
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I identify myself as “conservative Christian”. This realistically means that I can, in good conscience, support either of the major political parties. I believe that economics should be more equitable as you state, and would be preferable to a corporate owned America. However, I cannot support a party that does not oppose abortion, legalization of drugs and homosexual marriage.

I have not voted GOP in 20 years, have never voted DNC. If a party adopted morality and moderate/fair fiscal policy, I’d give them my full support, including votes and donations.
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Nice analysis of socialists and democrats, I got some insight about the ideology of the both. I would like to read more about them.


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