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Membership and Dues

Q: What’s the difference between the various membership levels?

A: There's no difference between any of the options in terms of membership benefits. We work to make our membership accessible to all. Because we’re member-funded, we ask that people join at the highest level they can.

Q: How do I add a mailing address that’s different than my billing address?

A: Once you submit your payment, just follow the link on the confirmation page to update your mailing address. You can also email membership@dsausa.org to update your mailing address or other contact information at any point.

Q: I want to get a family membership. How can I enter my partner’s name and information?

A: Our donation form won’t accept both names, but after you submit the payment just follow the link on the confirmation page to update your mailing address. Enter your partner’s name here (and your mailing address if different than your billing address).

Q: I live outside of the United States, but I want to join DSA. How can I do that?

A: You don’t need to live in the US to join, but we can only process credit cards based in the US, Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong. If you don’t have a credit card with a billing address in one of these places, you can join by mailing in this form with a check or money order. All international memberships are digital-only, meaning you will receive Democratic Left magazine and all other DSA communications via email.

Q: Is it possible to buy someone else a membership?

A: Yes, it is! You can give a friend the gift of DSA membership. To pay by check or money order, mail in your payment with the name, mailing address, and contact information of your membership recipient to:

Democratic Socialists of America
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 702
New York, NY 10038

To pay by credit card, call the national office 10AM-6PM ET, Monday-Friday, at 212-727-8610.

Q: I’ve just joined DSA, but I haven’t gotten my membership card. Can I attend DSA events or meetings without it?

A: You don’t need your membership card to go to DSA events. And once you’ve paid dues, you’re a considered a full member, so you can vote in local elections as well.

Q: I’ve just joined DSA. When will I get my membership packet and card?

A: It will probably take 6-12 weeks for your card to arrive. We’re sending membership packets out as as quickly as we can, but so many people are joining that it’s hard to keep up, particularly with our small staff size. If you got a confirmation email for your payment, we got your dues and we’re working on it. In the meantime, you can get involved in DSA’s local and/or national work. If you never received a confirmation email and are not sure if your dues payment went through, you can email membership@dsausa.org to verify.

Q: I lost my membership card. Can I get a new one?

A: Because of our enormous growth in membership, DSA staff does not have the capacity to replace lost membership cards at this time. You’ll get a new card when you renew your membership. 

Q: I can't register for any of the new member orientation calls or I missed the call I registered for. What can I do?

A: DSA recorded two of our most popular conference calls, the New Member Orientation and Introduction to Socialist Feminism. You can listen to the audio of those calls at http://www.dsausa.org/audio.

Donation Issues

Q: My bank/credit card says I got charged multiple times, but I didn’t get confirmation emails for the payments from DSA. What happened?

A: Any time you try to make a payment with a debit or credit card, banks and credit card companies put a “hold” on your account in that amount. If your payment was rejected for some reason, you will NOT be charged. However, the “hold” for that amount may stick around for a few business days until your bank/credit card company verifies that the charge was rejected. If you wish to verify how many times you were charged, email membership@dsausa.org.

Q: I’m trying to donate but I’m getting a “street address and postal code do not match” error message. What’s happening?

A: This message means the address you entered doesn’t match the billing address on the card that you’re paying with. Please try again, entering your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card/bank statement.
NOTE: we can only accept credit cards based in the US, Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong.

Monthly Donations

Q: I started a monthly contribution to DSA. Does this make me a member?

A: Yes, it does. As a monthly sustaining member, you’ll get all of the same membership benefits with annual dues, including a digital or paper membership card (based on which type of membership you signed up for) and subscription to Democratic Left magazine.

Q: How can I change the credit/debit card I’m using for my monthly donations?

A: You can start a new monthly contribution on the new card here. Make sure to also email membership@dsausa.org with a request to cancel the old one.

Q: How can I change my monthly donation amount?

A: You can start a new monthly contribution in the new amount here, and make sure to also email membership@dsausa.org with a request to cancel the old one.


Q: How do I order swag?

A: To order DSA swag, go to our Swag Shop. After totaling up the cost for the swag you want, scroll to the bottom and enter the donation amount. Then enter your billing information, including an email address you check regularly. After submitting payment, check your email for the auto response email. Reply to that email to notify us what you ordered and if your shipping address is different from your billing address. NOTE: please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your swag. We are working as quickly as we can to get everything out to you!

Q: It says you’re sold out of t-shirts in my size. Are you getting more?

A: Our t-shirt supplies are always changing. Some designs we choose to reorder, others we decide to retire. If there’s a design you really want, please email info@dsausa.org to ask if we are reordering.

Chapters and Getting Involved

Q: How do I get involved?

A: Check out our Get Involved page to look for opportunities that fit you!

Q: How can I find other members near me?

A: First, check out the Chapters page. If there is one near you, contact the organizers about getting involved and finding the next meeting. If there is not a chapter near you, fill out the chapter interest form. After you fill out the form we will work on connecting you to resources and assistance to help you organize in your area.

Q: I don’t have a DSA chapter in my area. How do I start one?

A: First, you will need to become a member of DSA, if you are not already. The next step is filling out our Start a Chapter form. After you submit the form, we will contact you with further steps and work on connecting you to resources and assistance to help you organize in your area.

Q: I don’t have a DSA chapter in my area. Are there other ways for me to be involved?

A: Yes! You can join in one of our national identity/issue-based teams or join one one of work committee or volunteer teams. You can also participate in our national trainings, discussions, and lectures.

Q: I want to start an international DSA chapter. Can I?

A: Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to support organizing outside of the United States at this time. DSA members living abroad can participate in DSA webinars, and we do have resources online.

Electoral Work

Q: How do I get a national endorsement from DSA for my political race?

A: DSA has a three step process to receive an endorsement from us.

  1. you must receive the endorsement of a local DSA chapter. If there is no chapter in your area, we will not endorse you.
  2. once you have this endorsement, you can fill this form out requesting an endorsement. In addition, DSA will only endorse candidates that are running as 1) an open socialist 2) and have a pathway to victory.
  3. our National Electoral Committee (NEC) will review your request. You may receive a questionnaire, too.

If the NEC recommends, the National Political Committee (DSA's elected leadership) will vote whether to endorse or not.

If you have any other questions, you can email Deputy Director David Duhalde dduhalde (at) dsausa.org.

Intro to Socialist Feminism

December 12, 2017

Join DSA member Carolyn Byerly to explore “socialist feminism.” How does it differ from other forms of feminism? How and when did it develop? What does it mean for our activism? One hour, 15 minutes. 9 pm ET; 8 pm CT; 7 pm MT; 6 pm PT.