DSAers Strike Down Barriers to Reproductive Justice

As part of our support for reproductive justice, DSA chapters across the United States participated in the April Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon for the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). The NNAF provides grants and support for people who face economic barriers to receive abortion services. Click Read More for how you can donate — there's still time!

So far, our 26 DSA teams have raised over $81,000 to help low-income pregnant people access abortion care. We must keep fighting to protect the right to safe abortions and expand access — especially for low-income communities and people of color. 

Photo: Shout out to the Bowl-sheviks of DSA LA, who raised almost $7,700 for ACCESS-LA!

48% of all pregnant people who seek an abortion fall below the poverty line, and many can’t afford one alone. On average, a surgical abortion at ten weeks costs $450. And barriers put up by the anti-choice movement, like waiting periods and clinic closures, mean more costs. In some parts of the U.S., the total cost of an abortion can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

That’s appalling. And it’s why, for several years, our Socialist Feminist Working Group has organized for the Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon. DSA has gone all in to support NNAF’s month-long fundraiser to assist low-income pregnant people access safe, reliable abortion care and support. For DSAers, it’s pretty simple: abortion care is health care, and health care is a right. No one should be denied access.

Want to help? Click on the name of the team you want to support to go to their fundraising page.

Team Name DSA Chapter Local NNAF Fund
Battleship Po-Ten-Pins Portland DSA Northwest Abortion Access Fund (AL, ID, OR, WA)
Wildcat Strikers DSA San Francisco Access Bay Area (CA)
The Bowl-sheviks DSA LA Access LA (CA)
The Bowletariats Chicago DSA Chicago Abortion Fund (IL)
Bowlidarity Forever Pioneer Valley DSA Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts (MA)
Bread Bowl and Roses Pioneer Valley DSA Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts (MA)
Proletariat Puppers DSA Dog Caucus Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (MS)
DSA Cat Caucus DSA Cat Caucus Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (MS)
Jacopins Huron Valley, MI Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund — Detroit (MI)
Red HySPAREia Detroit DSA Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund — Detroit (MI)
General Strikes NC Piedmont DSA Carolina Abortion Fund (NC)
Bowlcialist Strike Red River Valley DSA North Dakota Women In Need (WIN) Abortion Access Fund (ND)
Bowlsheviks South NJ DSA New Jersey Abortion Access Fund — Cherry Hill (NJ)
Socialist Gutter Collective   North New Jersey DSA
Abowlish Capital Central NJ DSA New Jersey Abortion Access Fund — Piscataway (NJ)
Buffalo DSA Buffalo DSA NY Abortion Access Fund — Buffalo (NY)
No Cunty for Old Men Rochester DSA NY Abortion Access Fund — Rochester (NY)
Over the Line! Rochester DSA NY Abortion Access Fund — Rochester (NY)
The Bowlgeoisie Cleveland DSA Preterm (OH)
The Wildcat Strikes Pittsburgh DSA Western PA Fund for Choice (PA)
The Ovary-Actors Austin DSA Lilith Fund Austin (TX)
General Strike Austin DSA Lilith Fund Austin (TX)
Las Mera Meras Austin DSA Frontera Fund (TX)
Pins N’ Roses DSA North Texas & DSA Fort Worth Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund (TX)
The Bowlshevik Revolution Houston DSA Lilith Fund Houston (TX)
Praxis Pins San Diego DSA National Network of Abortion Funds (Nationwide)


Left Political Strategy discussion with the Left Inside/Outside Project

May 23, 2018

The DSA National Electoral Committee has joined the Left Inside/Outside Project and will be participating in a call to discuss left political strategy. Here is the invitation for those interested in participating:

The Left Inside/Outside Project invites you to a cross-organizational discussion of left political strategy. This video conference will feature speakers from different organizations in the Left Inside/Outside Project providing their perspective on the key questions facing leftists that are trying to build electoral power alongside social movements, all while navigating the complicated terrain of Democratic party politics. We will also have small group discussions and describe opportunities for collaboration across organizational lines. 

Date/Time: May 23rd, at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5p PST

Register at bit.ly/leftunity1

New Member Call, May 27

May 27, 2018

May 27, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

This event is at capacity. Please check back in June for the next New Member Call. 

You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M
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