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Using Trade to Develop Nations and Protect Workers

Daniel C. Adkins


Our current trade treaties focus on building a global market dominated by multinationals and soon a mercantile China.  This market is used to pit nations and workers against each other while maximizing profits for the few.


A different approach could be a trade goal to create a more equal development of the world’s nations.  There is no good reason that trade could not aid the development of India or a trade group of South American or African nations.  If there were a more even development of nations, then a major crisis, like climate change, would be less of a threat to global stability because nations would have more equal capabilities and self-reliance.  

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Class War on the World Wide Web: The Rhetoric Powering DSA’s Twitter Account

By Hannah Zimmerman

The internet became my activist outlet as soon as I started working at Organizing 2.0, a left-wing digital political consulting firm, a little over a year ago. With access to a plethora of verified Facebook and Twitter accounts, I would watch as hashtags and tweets born out of my fingertips reached millions online and sparked hundreds of conversations, all while I sat at a cramped desk in Brooklyn. While working, I paid close attention to which one of my hashtags or tweets would trend and why. I realized this: the difference between a flop and a successful hashtag often came down to the rhetoric of my hashtag and whether or not it was clear what audience it was for. Nevertheless, working with political twitter accounts, I was struck by one radical account that always seemed to have a grasp on what their rhetoric was and who it was for. This was the Democratic Socialists of America’s Twitter account (@demsocialists.) Through the use of confrontational rhetoric, DSA’s Twitter account is able to recruit and mobilize new, current, and prospective members to commit to the “socialist revolution.”

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DSA Across the USA

By Dan DiMaggio

DSA members in Gainesville, Florida, took part in the protests against far-right troll Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida in October. Despite being urged to stay home by the university’s president, more than a thousand protesters showed up. “Spencer barely got a word out. As soon as he opened his mouth, there was continuous chanting,” says Roxanne Palmer of Gainesville DSA, who estimates that 90% of those inside the event were protesters. “We showed that we have collective people power in our community.” Palmer emphasized that the protest was successful in part because organizers tried not to appear like outsiders coming in, but rather emphasized they were part of the community (including chanting “Let’s go, Gators!” and “Orange and Blue!”).

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Our hearts are with Erica Garner and her family

Erica Garner, a movement leader and fierce advocate for justice, is in critical condition after a heart attack. She and her family are in our thoughts and prayers. After her father, Eric Garner, was killed by the NYPD in 2014, Erica dedicated her life to championing his memory and became a relentless fighter in the struggle against police brutality. Erica’s conviction was uncompromising. Every Tuesday and Thursday for a year, she protested in honor of her father and all those who were lost to police brutality. Her struggle didn’t stop at the rallies. She recognized that her father’s death and the oppression of Black people more broadly were symptoms of a society in need of wholesale change. She believed that Bernie Sanders was a step towards that change, appearing in a powerful campaign ad linking her struggle to Sanders’ program. Erica has been more than an activist, she’s a beacon of resistance, of resolve, of courage. We, the National Political Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America, encourage all our chapters across the country to take a moment to reflect on Erica’s life and wish her and her family well.

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee, Christmas Day, 2017

Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists

We are alienating each other with unrestrained callouts and unchecked self-righteousness. Here’s how that can stop.

Frances   Lee

Callout culture. The quest for purity. Privilege theory taken to extremes. I’ve observed some of these questionable patterns in my activist communities over the past several years.

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The "Sharing" Economy is Made of Despair

A "shared" economy would provide for all.

By Sammy Kayes

Rather than supplementing financial insecurity in our downtime, we could choose shared ownership of the economy. But what exactly is meant by a "shared" economy? And is it really our choice?

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DSA Convention Adopts National Political Priorities


By Joseph M. Schwartz

At the Democratic Socialists of America’s bi-annual convention in August, some 800 delegates representing more than 100 active chapters set three national priorities: the fight for Medicare for All (M4A); the revival of a strong labor presence both within and without DSA; and the election of open socialists to office. In the run-up to the crucial 2018 congressional and state legislative elections, DSA hopes to challenge the Democratic Party’s failure to offer a coherent economic justice program as alternative to the reactionary Trump regime. 

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Let’s Seize the Moment

Let’s Seize the Moment

By Maria Svart


I’m sitting on a panel on Medicare for All (M4A) at the Women’s Convention in Detroit in October. And I’m realizing again how critical DSA’s work is in this moment. There are 4,000 women at this conference. Probably a few hundred of them identify as socialists.


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