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"Avengers: Infinity War" And The Politics of Growth

By Chris Geary

Watching the new Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War, I couldn’t help feeling that the villain, Thanos, was really on to something. With 149 minutes of plodding plot, inane crossovers, and a crowd of protagonists all feebly jostling to be the funny one, the movie is so bloated that when half of the characters are finally vaporised, it honestly comes as a relief. Thanos is right: the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is overpopulated, and it has long been in need of a cull.

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Call For Submissions: International Secessionist Movements

The DSA Weekly International Affairs section editors are requesting pieces from DSA members regarding their thoughts on whether and how the American left can or should engage with international secessionist movements using case examples from all over the world.

DO you have strong thoughts on Western Saharan independence? What about regional Kurdish movements? Catalonian secession from Spain? This is your opportunity to weigh in on a critical issue for left foreign policy!

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DSA Philly: Changing the World, 7000 Conversations At A Time

This week, volcanic news from Philadelphia DSA —whose organizers are talking not about the Democratic Party, but about how the electoral work could help further the policy priorities they’d been working on all year. (Below, a table of supplies for the canvassers who helped deliver those victories. Photo: Jeremy Wheatley, DSAPhilly Canvassing Committee


Photo: Jeremy Wheatley

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Op-Ed: In Honor of Black Mothers

by R.L. Stephens

Marquita Stephens is my mother.

Ms. Marquita, as my childhood friends would call her, is an indomitable spirit, irrepressible in battle, so relentless that we used to call her the “junkyard dog.”

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Editorial: Introducing DSA Weekly & Our New Submissions Forms

Allow me to formally introduce DSA Weekly, formerly known as Democratic Left Blog, a digital media hub for all things DSA.

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DSA Proud Partner in The New Poor People's Campaign!

By Maria Svart

Right now, I’m gearing up for the kickoff of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. For the next six weeks, DSAers will be joining tens of thousands of people for direct actions in more than 30 states and the District of Columbia. Find an event near you!


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Interview: Ilan Pappé

By Evan Heitkamp Boucher

Over two weeks from April 7 to April 21, Evan Heitkamp Boucher conducted an email interview with Ilan Pappé, eminent historian of Israel-Palestine, regarding the recent nonviolent protest movement in the Gaza Strip and its place within the nation’s history and the Palestinian struggle.

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NPC April Meeting Roundtable: The Labor Question

In April the National Political Committee (NPC) of DSA initiated a discussion of labor and the economy. This is one of DSA’s priority issues, but had not been discussed at an NPC meeting. Particularly considering the newly re-formed Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, the NPC felt that an initial discussion of labor issues would be helpful in guiding our work.

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Left Political Strategy discussion with the Left Inside/Outside Project

May 23, 2018

The DSA National Electoral Committee has joined the Left Inside/Outside Project and will be participating in a call to discuss left political strategy. Here is the invitation for those interested in participating:

The Left Inside/Outside Project invites you to a cross-organizational discussion of left political strategy. This video conference will feature speakers from different organizations in the Left Inside/Outside Project providing their perspective on the key questions facing leftists that are trying to build electoral power alongside social movements, all while navigating the complicated terrain of Democratic party politics. We will also have small group discussions and describe opportunities for collaboration across organizational lines. 

Date/Time: May 23rd, at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5p PST

Register at

New Member Call, May 27

May 27, 2018

May 27, 2018

9pm ET/8 CT/7 MT/6 PT

This event is at capacity. Please check back in June for the next New Member Call. 

You've joined DSA - Great! Now register for this New Member Orientation call and find out more about our politics and our vision. And, most importantly, how you can become involved.

Questions or Comments? Contact: 

Sam M
This event is at capacity.