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Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists Organize Rally in Support of Refugees

Sara Ali, a member of Central New Jersey DSA, co-organized Sunday's rally with Russell Weiss-Irwin. (Credit: Charles W. Kim)

By Charles W. Kim

Following NJ governor Chris Christie's racist anti-refugee remarks, Central New Jersey DSA decided to stand up and publicly challenge him. We share the sentiment of many NJ residents who can no longer stand by silently while the voices of hate and bigotry drown out those of equality and acceptance. With the help of various local organizations, our rally attracted about 70 individuals of different backgrounds, ages, and affiliations. This further reinstated the idea of unity over xenophobia and blind hate. -- Sara Ali

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A Perspective on the Paris Atrocity


By Steve Max

Was the brutal attack in Paris just one more irrational bloody act by a demented sect, or was it more in the line of an act of war, a type of war where causalities on all sides are overwhelmingly civilian? If it was an act of war, what are its origins? 

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What Happened to the Mexican Revolution?

Emiliiano Zapata/ Wikimedia Commons

By Dan La Botz

November 20 marks the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910‐1920. The party created by that event, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), is in power today. Yet, over the last nine years 60,000 people have been killed and 25,000 forcibly disappeared in the drug wars, while more than half the population lives in poverty. Foreign investment pours into Mexico to take advantage of wages lower than China’s, while the country is controlled by a handful of billionaires. One has to wonder: What happened to the Mexican Revolution?

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DSA Convention: New Strategy for a New Era

The newly-elected National Political Committee with National Director Maria Svart and Deputy Director David Duhalde. (Peg Strobel, NPC member, not in photo) Photo Credit: Reid Jenkins

By Barbara Joye

DSA and YDS delegates from across the country set the organization’s course for the coming years, shared skills and insights in numerous workshops and joined in song during a three-day convention Nov. 13-15 at a retreat center in rural Pennsylvania.  The attendees agreed that the “Bernie moment,” which has enabled DSA’s accelerated growth in recent months – reflected in increased attendance compared to previous conventions, justifies optimism about the future of democratic socialism in the U.S. and of DSA in particular.

“It was the best DSA convention I’ve been to!” said veteran National Political Committee member David Green from Detroit DSA. He was re-elected together with seven other incumbents, who were joined by six new members. Six members are now under the age of 32, continuing the transfer of leadership to a new generation, which has been underway in recent years and was also reflected in a significant contingent of YDS members and recent YDS “graduates” attending the convention.

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Democratic Socialists Plan National Campaign


DSA Activists and elected delegates met in convention  in Western Pennsylvania Nov.13-15 to plan their independent campaign for Bernie Sanders and to adopt a long range political strategy for this new era. 

Chris Potter of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described the convention ,

““We’ve been pushing Bernie before he was running,” said David Duhalde, deputy director of the Democratic Socialists of America. “We knew he would give a large space for a conversation about democratic socialism.”

 “This has already been such a mobilizing moment,” said Dustin Guastella, a Philadelphia DSA member who co-chairs the group’s We Need Bernie Committee.

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First Person: Veterans Day, Personal Loss, and Insight


By Daniel Casey Adkins

Veterans Day and Memorial Day are reminders of my family history and my personal loss. They also remind me why I decided to become a democratic socialist.

When I was young, my father died leading a Marine platoon in attack on Iwo Jima during World War II. In the attack, half of his men were either killed or wounded. When he was hit, he refused medical aid and ordered the medic to take care of the Marines that were in his command. He was shot again and died.

My father took responsibility for confronting totalitarianism and for the care of his Marines. My belief in democratic socialism is an extrapolation of my father’s action against fascism and his care for those around him. If you can die for your platoon and country, why not live for humanity and our home the Earth?

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Ehrenreich, Hightower, Cohen Speak at Metro DC DSA Bernie Rally


By Kurt Stand

Over 100 people attended Metro DC DSA’s “We Need Bernie” rally on Thursday, Oct. 24 in support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president.   Held at Busboys and Poets’ 5th and K Street location, the event provided an example of the depth of support for Sanders and for a genuinely progressive agenda rooted in civic activism. The rally also highlighted the relevance of democratic socialism to building a political alternative for our country.

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Can We and Bernie Build a Left in the U.S.?


By Harold Meyerson

Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign is different. He has refused to establish a super PAC. He shuns personal attacks. And, not incidentally, he proclaims himself a democratic socialist.

But there’s one further way in which his campaign fundamentally differs not just from those of the other candidates but also from any in many years: While striving to win votes, it also has to morph into an enduring left-wing movement.

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