Current Campaigns

DSA and YDS chapters organize around a variety of issues based on local priorities, especially labor solidarity and anti-austerity work. However, the national office provides resources and support for the main activist priority of the organization:

 Drop Student Debt

  • The Drop Student Debt campaign is for free higher education (and the more immediate short-term reforms which would make debt repayment more simple and fair for the 37 million student debt holders in the U.S.) DSA chapters work on the national campaign and many YDS chapters are fighting for tuition freezes and to protect education funding in state budgets.
  • DSA and YDS chapters can host a GET UP training on higher education and student debt and collect petition signatures to demand an executive order dramatically expanding the Income Based Repayment Program.

  • Learn more about our Drop Student Debt campaign on the special campaign page.
  • To get involved, contact the national office to join our student debt action team.


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Upcoming Events

DSA Webinar: Researching Officials & Companies

December 06, 2014 · 6 rsvps
Webinar, RSVP required for sign in information

Are you facing an official -- elected or appointed? A corporation? Base your tactics on the real facts of the situation. Learn how to get the information that gives you the upper hand.

 Join us for our latest organizing training for democratic socialist actiists: DSA’s (Virtual) Little Red Schoolhouse.

 NOTE: This training is at 3:00pm Eastern (2:00pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain, noon Pacific). Please RSVP.


Steve Max, DSA Vice Chair and one of the founders of the legendary community organizing school, The Midwest Academy.

 In Researching Officials & Companies you will learn:

  • § How to do detective work
  • § How to find a guilty party that advances your organizing
  • § What to look for before meeting with an elected official
  • § What to ask for
  • § Where to start
  • § What you can and can’t learn about corporations

 Training Details

  • § Workshops are free for any DSA member in good standing.
  • § If you have a computer with microphone, speakers and good internet access, you can join via internet for free.
  • § Or, you can follow the webinar visuals by internet but get sound via phone conference call, which may mean long distance charges.
  • § Or, you can request the slides as a PDF in advance and listen via phone.
  • § You can participate in every workshop, since each one builds on the previous ones, or just attend once in a while.
  • § Workshops will generally be on a Saturday each month from 3:00-4:30pm Eastern Time.
  • § Participation requires that you register (RSVP)  at least 36 hours in advance.