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The DSA and DSA Fund national office has eight full time staff members, two part time. The staff does not set DSA's political and organizational goals. Rather, staff helps to fulfill the goals set by DSA's elected volunteer leadership. The Deputy Director and Campus Organizer are based in Washington, D.C.
Maria Svart, National Director  
David Duhalde, Deputy Director 
Sasha Hammad, Operations Director [Questions about chapter incorporation: incorporation (at)]
Fatou Camara, Financial Manager  
Hannah Allison, Travelling Organizer 
Claudia Cahill, Grassroots Fundraising and Member Engagement Coordinator   
Eileen Casterline, Database Coordinator [Questions about membership or donation status: membership (at)]
Lawrence Dreyfuss, Program Associate [Questions about swag or volunteering: volunteer (at)]
Lisa Flores, Administrative and Office Coordinator [Questions about DSA which are not answered by our FAQ: info (at)]
Ryan Mosgrove, Campus Organizer [Questions about campus chapters or our student blog: yds (at) or theactivist (at)]

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Intro to Socialist Feminism

December 12, 2017
· 80 rsvps

Join DSA member Carolyn Byerly to explore “socialist feminism.” How does it differ from other forms of feminism? How and when did it develop? What does it mean for our activism? One hour, 15 minutes. 9 pm ET; 8 pm CT; 7 pm MT; 6 pm PT.